Basic Gambling Terms You Should Know as a Casino Player

Basic Gambling Terms You Should Know as a Casino Player

Whether you are a newbie or a skilled casino player, you need to know a few basic gambling terms. Apart from knowing the rules and strategies of a casino game, you need to learn first the different gambling terms to succeed. Once you learned the commonly-used terms, you’ll realize that they have complex meanings.

If you are new to casino gaming, you will certainly need to learn a few gambling terms. You probably heard them before, but you weren't sure about it. For experienced players, this will serve as a refresher course on basic casino knowledge.

Now take a look at the following basic gambling terms and learn the meaning behind it.

Basic Gambling Terms


gambling terms croupier

The word “croupier” came from French origin, which helped in the conduct of casino games. It includes the dealer, table bankers, or anyone directly in-charge in the game's function.

Initially, croupiers are the individuals who stay behind a gambler while providing assistance and funds. Later on, it refers to casino employees who take charge in dealing cards or distribute bets or payouts.

House Edge – Gambling Terms

gambling terms house edge

In a gambling game, a house edge refers to the advantage of a casino, dealer, or bookmaker over its players. It is a system built by casino operators to continuously make a profit as they continue to provide casino services.

Even if you are a skilled player, there is no way you can overcome the house edge. It also involves other factors, including the tactical element, where a player's skill can determine the percentage of the house advantage during the game.

Betting Strategy

Betting strategy refers to the system used by casino players to maximize their chances of winning. It can be a simple or complex system that requires advanced knowledge of statistics.

You need to have a clear understanding of the game's mechanics, betting options, and math to have an effective betting strategy. Its main goal is to reduce the house edge and create an advantage for the participant.

Gaffed – Gambling Terms

There are several synonyms related to the term, but it usually refers to a rigged casino machine. It also implies that a casino programmed a game to the house's advantage.

Before the establishment of gaming regulations, it was easy for casino operators to use under-handed tricks to ensure the house advantage. Thanks to gambling authorities, players don't need to fret about rigged gaming. Modern casinos these days maintain a balance and honest gaming experience for their players.


gambling terms

A vigorish refers to the money a casino makes through the house advantage. There are many different terms, but you'll often encounter words like the house's “edge” or “take.”  It is essential to gambling operations since it is the profit made by casinos from the players.


Hedging refers to laying off a wager by placing a smaller bet with other lenders. Importantly, “hedging a bet” means reducing risk and guarantee a profit on a casino game. Players use this concept by placing bets on various outcomes that will return earnings.

Having a clear understanding of these basic gambling terms can help you become a skilled gambler. Everybody knows that it can be quite frustrating if you don't understand the terms used in a game. It can quickly spoil what should be a fun experience. Remember these gambling terms and continue learning for more successful rounds of casino games.